5 Ways to Add Historic Charm to a New Space

Today I’m sharing 5 ways to add historic charm to a new space! If you’re new or you’ve missed some of the farmhouse progress, take a look here: Farmhouse Renovation-Before, Farmhouse Renovation-Part 1, and Farmhouse Renovation-Part 2.

I love all of the charm and history in our farmhouse! From the hinges and knobs to the beautiful banister, these features remind you of all of the history and life that has happened under this roof. One of the challenges is keeping the historic feel in the “new” parts of the house. If you remember, there was an addition put on in the late 70’s. This addition isn’t the front entrance of our home, but it will be the main entrance.  It’s really important to me that you feel the 1890’s farmhouse charm as soon as you walk in! So let’s get started!!

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