Farmhouse Renovation-Part 4

Wow…it’s been awhile! To say life got hectic would be a HUGE understatement! But since I last filled you in we have moved, sold our house, and made a tremendous amount of progress on the farmhouse renovation!

Today I’m sharing an update on the farmhouse renovation! If you need to catch up, check out these posts: Farmhouse Renovation-BeforeFarmhouse Renovation-Part 1Farmhouse Renovation-Part 2, and Farmhouse Renovation-Part 3.

I would love to tell you we’re ready to do a full reveal, but it’s a process and it’s not quite to that point just yet. You can check out these previous posts to get an idea of the design for the farmhouse: How We Created our Farmhouse Kitchen Design5 Ways to Add Historic Charm to a New SpaceFarmhouse Design Series-Powder Room

I will definitely do a full reveal, but I won’t make you wait that long. I’ll show you updates since the last post and I’ll share a few other rooms and their design plans too over the next few weeks.

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How We Created our Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Farmhouse Design-The Kitchen

I’m starting the farmhouse design series with the kitchen! The renovation piece of things can get overwhelming, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at the plans I have for the kitchen design at the farmhouse! Continue reading “How We Created our Farmhouse Kitchen Design”

Farmhouse Renovation-Part 1

After months of thinking and planning, the renovation has officially begun! To catch up on all the details of our farmhouse so far, check these out: Exciting News! and Farmhouse Renovation-Before

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Farmhouse Renovation-Before

It’s finally time to fill you in on the farmhouse renovation and the progress so far. I’ve shared how the farmhouse became ours’ and a few of the special original touches that I can’t wait to embrace here.

Russ and I spent a lot of time deciding what would be the best fit for us now and in the future. It didn’t take long to realize that the next step for us was to buy my Nana and Papaw’s farmhouse. My favorite part is that my grandparents worked incredibly hard to fix that old farmhouse and make it their own. My mom and uncle grew up there and our entire family has so many special memories in that home. Russ and I are so excited to add to that very special home’s story!

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Bedroom & Bathroom Renovations

Here are the final rooms in our home, the bedroom and bathroom renovations! These rooms were easy compared to the rest of the house. Today I’m sharing the three bedrooms and two of our three bathrooms. If you want to see the other changes we made to our home, check them out here: entry, living room, dining room part 1; entry, living room, dining room part 2kitchen; laundry room.

I’ll show you the rooms when we moved in and how they evolved over time.

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Exciting News!

We have some very exciting news and I can’t wait to share it with you!! I’ve been holding on to this secret since January, because I wanted to make sure it was really going to happen.

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Kitchen Renovation on a Budget

I’m back with the next part of our renovation. Today I’ll show you how we did a kitchen renovation on a budget with the next part of our home renovation. The kitchen was definitely one of the biggest projects! We tackled the floors, cabinets, lighting, countertop, and backsplash. We also made some pretty big changes to the laundry room and back bathroom; those are up next!

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Home Renovation Part 1-Entry, Living, Dining

Home Renovation

Now that I’ve shared the specifics of our home and a little background in my last post,  I’ll get into the specifics of our home renovation. Everyone moves at some point and finding a house can be overwhelming. In this project, there are very few things that do not get updated in some way. For our house, we learned to look beyond the paint and initial state of things and we knew this house could be a great home for us! Continue reading “Home Renovation Part 1-Entry, Living, Dining”