Bedroom & Bathroom Renovations

Here are the final rooms in our home, the bedroom and bathroom renovations! These rooms were easy compared to the rest of the house. Today I'm sharing the three bedrooms and two of our three bathrooms. If you want to see the other changes we made to our home, check them out here: entry, living [...]

Laundry Room Update

Today I'm sharing another room in our first home renovation with's time to take a peek at the laundry room!  Check out the list below to get caught up on our first renovation project: Specifics about our home Living room/dining room renovation Living room/dining room "after" Kitchen renovation Laundry Room "Before" Here's a view [...]

Kitchen Renovation on a Budget

I'm back with the next part of our renovation. Today I'll show you how we did a kitchen renovation on a budget with the next part of our home renovation. The kitchen was definitely one of the biggest projects! We tackled the floors, cabinets, lighting, countertop, and backsplash. We also made some pretty big changes [...]

Floor or Field? (Home Renovation)

Floor or Field? Home Renovation-entry, living, & dining Today I'll show you more of our home renovation, which include updates to our entry, living, and dining rooms. In case you missed it, you can take a look at the specifics on our home here Take a peek at the beginning of the renovation of these [...]

Home Renovation Part 1-Entry, Living, Dining

Home Renovation Now that I've shared the specifics of our home and a little background in my last post,  I'll get into the specifics of our home renovation. Everyone moves at some point and finding a house can be overwhelming. In this project, there are very few things that do not get updated in some [...]

Our Home

Our Home Today I'm going to share the process of how we found and purchased our home. In the summer of 2010 we were living in Muncie, IN. I was working in a school as a speech-language pathologist and Russ was beginning his second year of grad school. My parents actually noticed the house sitting [...]