Farmhouse Renovation-Part 1

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After months of thinking and planning, the renovation has officially begun! To catch up on all the details of our farmhouse so far, check these out: Exciting News! and Farmhouse Renovation-Before

Carpet Removal

First, we had the carpet in the family room and foyer pulled up. It had been installed a few years ago and in great condition, but we didn’t want carpet in those rooms. Right now, the plan is to use the carpet in a couple of the bedrooms upstairs and in the landing. While pulling up the carpet, we discovered these beautiful hardwood floors in the foyer! 

There is also hardwood in the family room, but because of an addition years ago and the condition of the floors, these weren’t salvageable.

Kitchen Cabinet and Bathroom Vanity Removal

Next, the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities were removed. These will be used by family, so they needed to come out before things officially got rolling.


Demo finally started in the kitchen, back room and laundry room!

Let’s start in back of the house.  If you remember, you walked in the back door to a mudroom area, bathroom, hallway, and office.

The bathroom was removed and the walls between the bathroom and office came down to open up the space.

This is an addition, and once the paneling was removed you can see the original exterior wall of the home and where the original windows were. One spot even had the window frame and mechanisms in the wall.

original exterior wall

Bye, Bye Wood Paneling

Here’s the laundry room before demo started.

The bathrooms came out and the wood paneling came off the walls in the back area and the laundry room.

Removing the wood paneling from the laundry room uncovered plaster work that was made to look like tile. It would have been in the original kitchen and was beautifully done.

The wall between the laundry room and bathroom came out and a new door to the main living space went in!

See You Later, Wall!

The wall between the kitchen and family room came down! Since it was load-bearing, a header needed to go in. It was a big job, but it will open the space and make a huge difference in the flow of the house!

The Chimney Bit the Dust

Another change to the family room was the removal of the chimney. Now the wall will be flat across the entire wall with the new doorway in it! The chimney also stuck out into the soon-to-be master bedroom, which limited the wall space to put furniture around the room. Now we can put our narrow dresser between the two windows.

Creating Bathrooms and a Laundry Room Upstairs

One of the biggest obstacles of the remodel is putting in two bathrooms upstairs. Figuring out how to run the plumbing has been a challenge and has kept things like the actual size of the bathrooms and the layout tentative. As things got moving along, I had to do a few walk-throughs and everyone worked to brainstorm the best option for the spaces. We’re incredibly fortunate to have an amazing group of people working on this project and they bring years of experience and great ideas to the table. We made a few adjustments as things were uncovered and I had to make some quick decisions to get things ordered, but almost everything is ordered now! The layout in the bathrooms and laundry room is set and I love the way it is all coming together!

Here is one of the plans for the master bathroom, and it is almost what what the final product will be. A couple of changes from this drawing are the shower layout and vanity placement.

Master Bathroom

The floors in the future master bathroom came out and the ceiling below it was removed to make room for the plumbing.

Here’s a view of the ceiling in the kitchen that was removed to allow for plumbing. You can also see the bulk head that was removed to allow us to raise the ceiling back to the original height.

Main Bathroom

The floors in the other bathroom and laundry room were also removed. Here’s a sneak peek at the layout of the room.

Here’s the layout for the bathroom and laundry room:

What’s Next?

Plumbing will continue to go in and the electrician is going to start roughing in the electrical too! The main focus will be on the downstairs to make sure the floors can go in on schedule and we meet kitchen cabinet install date. It’s going to start looking very different in the next few days!

I’ll keep you posted as the renovation progresses, and I’m also going to start sharing the design idea boards for some of the rooms throughout the farmhouse!

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16 thoughts on “Farmhouse Renovation-Part 1

  1. Looks like you’re off to a great start! It’s always fun to see the big results of home renovations!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so much work! But it’ll be so worth it when everything is done, I’m sure. The hardwood in the foyer is beautiful!! How long do you think the whole renovation will take, total?

    1. We are so excited about how it will all come together, but it is a process! I love those foyer floors too!! I can’t wait until they are refinished! The contractor said 3 months and it all began on June 7, so we are hoping to be able to move in by mid-September! So far things are on track for that timeline!

  3. I’m sure this is all so exciting yet stressful! We are beginning a new build in the spring & I’m definitely both already! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    1. It is! The stress comes in waves as decisions are needed and issues arise. This week has been slower and a much needed breather! Good luck with your construction and thank you for sticking around to see the progress!

  4. Wow! I applaud you for taking on this big project. My mother has always wanted to move an old farm house to her farm and renovate it. It scares me just a little because I am not handy at all. I’m going to point her in your direction. She will love seeing the steps documented. I can’t wait to see the finished product! All the labor will be worth it in the end!

    1. Thank you! It is such a big undertaking and a lot to take on, but we have been blessed with an amazing contractor and team. Old houses have their quirks, but that’s also some of their beauty!

  5. Can not wait to see the end project! What a cool project! How nice finding the beautiful wood floors! How long are you thinking the project will take? Excited for you! Love to do reno’s

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you’re following along! We were given a 3 month time frame from the contractor when we started, and so far things are on schedule. We think it should be finished around the middle of September!

  6. Wow!! I can’t believe how much demolition work has been done! You are going to have a “brand new” house when it is finished! I am excited to follow along.

    1. It’s been very busy around the farmhouse, but we’re really excited for the finished product! I’m so glad you’re following along!

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