Laundry Room Update

Today I’m sharing another room in our first home renovation with’s time to take a peek at the laundry room!  Check out the list below to get caught up on our first renovation project:

Laundry Room “Before”

Here’s a view of the laundry room from the kitchen. The biggest issue in the space was the placement of the bathroom door, (stained door to the right). The white door straight ahead leads to the garage and we use it constantly! The bathroom door opened right in to the walk-in shower, which was awkward. Also, the doors banged in to each other (if you look closely you can see the line from the door knob on the white door.


Here’s a look at the bathroom. It needed a good scrub and some updating! There were several different kinds of flooring throughout the house, and it was all in rough shape. We put down a floor that matches the kitchen.


The Big Switch-a-roo!

We decided that while things were a mess we should fix the door situation. We had them move the door (doorway to the right) and close up the existing door. Now you enter the bathroom at the vanity, instead of the shower.


We pulled up the old laminate flooring in the bathroom and laundry room. The shop vac helped get up all of the dirt and debris so the new floor would adhere properly.

Bathroom “After”

The bathroom got fresh paint on the walls, trim, and the vanity; as well as, a new floor, lights, and knobs! It’s so easy to replace knobs, making a big change for just a few dollars.  The bulky medicine cabinet was replaced with a mirror from Hobby Lobby. The oval shape softens all of the sharp lines in the bathroom. There is also a stand up shower to the left in this room.

Laundry Room “After”

Things obviously got a little crazy with the renovation, because we don’t have more pictures of the progress. The process of putting down the floors was the same as the kitchen, which I shared in more detail in this post. This room has evolved a lot over the years, so I’ll share that now!

Here you can see the walls, trim, and door painted the colors used throughout the main rooms of our home. This also shows the wall to the right of the door, where there used to be a door to the bathroom. You can also see the new floors we put down. We snagged the washer and dryer at the Sears scratch and dent store for a great price!


The laundry room lacked functional storage. The upper shelf and hanging bar were there when we moved in, but it wasn’t enough. As you can see, the hanging bar hangs over the washer and dryer; there is only a small section beside the washer to actually hang things.

We were in desperate need of a place for the laundry baskets and more hanging storage. Mom and I made a trip to Lowes and got a system with a few shelves and a hanging rack. I actually purchased it and loaded it up, but I think it the total was around $200 and it wasn’t even exactly what I had in mind. So…in true Tiffany fashion, I got creative and gave us all another job!

We started with the basket shelves, which are L brackets and white laminate board. We ended up using three large L brackets on each shelf to make it more secure. There is a bracket in each corner and one on the wall to the right to give it extra support.

Doing it ourselves allowed us to make it the exact size we needed. Two baskets sit on the shelf and 2 are on the floor. They all slide out easily to put the laundry in.

Next we needed hanging storage! I hang a lot of my clothes to dry and then air fluff them (sometimes a couple of times, if I’m not in the mood to fold things!)

We cut down the laminate board to be more narrow for the upper shelf and these L brackets hold a rod for hanging clothes. This rod can get a little full, so we anchored the brackets into the wall to make sure it’s secure.

I found baskets at Hobby Lobby on clearance to help hide some of the odds and ends that we don’t use very often. These hold things like cleaning rags, rarely used laundry detergents (bleach, stain removers, etc.), vacuum accessories, pet supplies, and extra rugs. We added a durable plastic shelf in the garage for things like toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies.


The decor in this room has changed over time. Below is a picture of the newly renovated space with hooks and my sweet pig picture.

After awhile, it needed more and I really wanted a gallery wall…so, I started gathering things to pull the gallery wall together. The laundry room was the perfect spot for more farm focused decor! The gallery wall has pictures, quotes, and fun little items that I’ve collected over time. Mom and I measured the wall and then laid everything out on the floor first. We paid attention to the balance of color, size, and shape of the items.

I love so many of the things on this wall. The 4-H Club Member sign was my dad’s and was hanging in the barn. I received the oil painting of the Charolais Steer when I turned 30 and it looks just like my sweet steer, Chance, that I showed. Mom cross-stitched the little cow and pig years ago and they are the perfect addition! I snagged that drawer at an auction with my dad. My grandma always had little trinkets and figurines that we could play with and I love the idea of continuing that tradition, the drawer is the perfect spot to keep them on display! I’m always on the look out for tiny little things to put in the drawer, turned shelf.


As we were renovating things, I selected a basic light for this room. A few years later, I realized this would be the perfect place for a mason jar light! This light kit, jar covers, and bulbs are from Michaels. Mom and Dad hard wired them and hid the light box with a wooden box. It’s the perfect final touch for the laundry room!

You can see the new light here in the latest view of the laundry room!

The laundry update made it brighter, definitely more “me” and super functional! Another really special piece is the key above the door. Russ made that for me and I love that it’s right above us as we come and go. I love the gallery wall so much that I’m already trying to figure out where I can put it at the farmhouse.

I hope this gives you some ideas ! Laundry isn’t fun, but it helps when the room fits your personality and has some fun decor!




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