10 Power Moves from Unleash the Power Within

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10 Power Moves from Unleash the Power Within

A couple of weeks ago Russ and I went out to California for Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within Event. Russ works for an amazing company that fully believes in supporting their employees to be empowered and grow, and they never forget the husbands and wives! It was an incredible experience with an amazing group of people and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite power moves with you!

1. You have the POWER

“You have the power to change how you feel”-Tony Robbins

A huge idea in Tony Robbins’ work is that you have the ability to control your mind and emotions. We can do it by how we carry ourselves and what we allow our minds to think. This is as basic as how you breath and your posture; impacting how you feel and react to things.

2. Create JOY

“If you want more joy, create more joy inside”-Tony Robbins

One way to do this is to STOP expecting things and appreciate what we have. We can find joy in so many places, if we’re looking for it!

3. What you IMAGINE you BECOME

“As you think, you become…what you feel occurs” Tony Robbins

It’s similar to the idea that you see what you are looking for and we tend to skew things to find more of what we are searching for. So if we’re looking for negativity and things to go wrong, we find it. We’ve all been there…a no good, terrible day with just one bad thing after another. Shifting our focus to more positive things will help those “negatives” to not be such a big deal.

4. Celebrate

As adults, we are hard on ourselves. Achievements become expected and the daily successes get completely overlooked in our rush to the next thing. It’s so important to be kind to yourself and celebrate ALL the THINGS! The example given at the seminar was how we react when a baby takes his first steps or says his first word. Even though it’s not perfect, we are ecstatic…part of the reason the baby keeps at it, is because of this praise. We need to get in the habit of praising our victories and successes, no matter how small. That shift in mindset will help us get through things that are difficult and be happier in the day to day!

*Note from Russ: Sometimes we purposefully downplay our successes in order to not make others uncomfortable. When in fact we should still celebrate those things and positively reinforce ourselves for achieving goals. Not only that, but we can’t forget to celebrate the victories of those around us when they try to downplay their own successes.

5. Gratitude Cancels out FEAR and ANGER

Make a point to appreciate others and share it! Focus on the things that you are grateful for, instead of allowing stress and negativity to take over. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by things that upset us, and we can forget to feel gratitude for all of the wonderful things around us. Make a point to be more grateful throughout the day and watch your fear and anger disappear!

6. Problems are a sign of LIFE

“Get a better quality of problems”-Tony Robbins

Things aren’t going to be perfect, that’s just not realistic. Instead of letting issues upset us, remember that problems are a sign of life. Problems allow you to exercise your mind to react with gratitude and appreciation, and evaluate your path. As we work to make our lives better, the goal is not to get rid of problems but to have better quality problems.

7. It’s not what HAS happened, but HOW you React

“Life isn’t controlled by events, but our focus and physiology”-Tony Robbins

This is a common theme and it relates to a couple of things I mentioned above, but it’s easy for us to get wrapped up in the events of our life and we think that shapes us. Maybe it’s a job that didn’t work out or losing an incredibly important person in your life…if we’re not careful these things can grab a hold of us and take us to some dark and terrible places. We’re going to have grief and pain, but reacting differently and not allowing our minds to pull us in to dark places, or convince ourselves that these events play a significant role in how we feel about our life moving forward will make a HUGE difference!

*Note from Russ: Emotions are the meanings we tie to events. By having better control over the meaning we give events, we control how much it will effect us.

8. Have a PLAN

“complexity is the enemy of execution”-Tony Robbins

We plan a lot of things in our life. Some of us have a plan for our money and budget monthly, some people meal plan, a lot of planning goes in to preparing and working through high school and college coursework, but I realized that we don’t do a great job of planning the day-to-day. We don’t always set goals for what we want our lives to be like or for things we’d like to accomplish. Just coasting along is bad news, because it makes us feel like we aren’t growing. We also have a tendency to complicate things or create plans that are elaborate. We won’t stick with things that are too complicated, so make it simple so you can make it happen!

9. Take care of YOU

“You can’t pour from an empty cup”-Eleanor Borwnn

We have a lot of responsibilities and many of us have a tendency to take care of everyone else and not ourselves. Like the quote up above, you have to be full of energy, joy, etc. in order to take care of everyone else.

  • Start your day strong: a good breakfast, plenty of time to get ready, and planning ahead makes getting out the door easier.
  • Take a few minutes to meditate or reflect: Be in a headspace that is joyful and happy.  Don’t sit and worry about everything you should be doing (this takes a little practice).
  • Eat right: Your body needs good fuel to keep you going throughout the day.
  • Be active: Take just a few minutes to get some physical activity in.
  • Listen to great music: Music changes how we feel, so listen to things that get you excited. There are several playlists on Spotify from Tony Robbins’ events. They are perfect when I’m working on a task I’m not looking forward to or I’m between clients.
  • Take time to journal: Just a few minutes allows you to reflect on how you feel and what you are accomplishing. It can also be a great time to think about things you are grateful for.

Just a few small adjustments can make a huge difference in how you feel.

10. You can WALK ON FIRE!!

*I am not suggesting that you attempt this on your own and without experienced professionals*

We are FIREWALKERS! Yes, we did it!

  • We got out of our heads and focused on the end result
  • We said positive phrases during that walk and kept looking up
  • and celebrated like CRAZY when we were done!!

After you do something that you thought was impossible, you realize that you are capable of tackling all of those things you been afraid of in your life.

This post isn’t sponsored at all, but I wanted to share the amazing experience we had! If you’re interested, you can check out more information on Tony Robbins and his events here.

I hope this list gives you some positive things to make your days better and to go after all of the things you want to accomplish!

We can’t wait to share how we’ve implemented some easy positive changes into our lives.



12 thoughts on “10 Power Moves from Unleash the Power Within

  1. Sounds like a great experience! Number one is so important – something I need to remind myself every day!

  2. I love Tony Robbins and have read a couple of his books, but I admit that at the time I was down so low that no one could inspire me back up. It took a lot of hard work but I am back on top.

    I have wondered, since I saw the documentary on Netflix about Tony, what it was really like at his events. Does he spend the day just inspiring people or there a lot workbook stuff? I would love to attend an event and wow, to be able to say I walked on coals would be awesome!

    1. The event was great! He spent the entire first day and much of day 3 speaking. The workbook time is minimal and he goes off the cuff so I didn’t really touch my workbook when he was speaking. There is another speaker that is also wonderful and he spoke and introduced some video content of Tony’s. I have also struggled to stay out of my head and keep perspective and it was wonderful! Let me know if I can answer anything else for you!

  3. I think this is exactly the kind of reminder we all need in our lives. It’s so easy to start to limit ourselves and lose sight of what we are truly capable of. Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive list!

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