Make it Yours: 5 Ways to Use Mini Ball Jars

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5 Ways to Use Mini Ball Jars

I stumbled across these adorable mini Ball Jars last weekend and I just had to bring them home! Some of my favorite things include Ball Jars and mini versions of things, so this was perfect…I just had to make sure I had a use for them. It only took me a couple of minutes to brainstorm how I would use them, so today I’m going to share with you 5 ways to use the mini Ball Jars in your home.

FYI, I saw them at Hobby Lobby for around $15 but ran across them at JoAnn Fabric for $6.99 (both are at regular price). I could not justify $15 for 4 mini jars, but I had a coupon for 20% off at JoAnn Fabric and that price seemed much more reasonable.

1. Sugar Container:

We keep a small container of sugar in the spice cabinet to use with coffee or when I just need a little pinch of sugar.  I had a bigger jar filled with sugar, but this is the perfect size and takes up less space.  It would work great to hold different spices too!

2. Bathroom Essentials

The mini ball jar is just the right size to hold cotton swabs. I paired it with two larger jars of cotton balls and make-up brushes for a cute grouping on the counter.

3. Votive Candle Holder

It’s  just the right size to hold a votive candle. I used a battery operated candle, so there was no mess and it is easy to use it for something else! Several jars with candles would be a great addition to a centerpiece and would add a little sparkle. Here I tucked it between vases and a picture frame on my antique washstand.

4. Safety Pin Holder

This is a much cuter way to hold safety pins, bobby pins, or hair ties. Mine were stashed in a baggy, but this is much nicer!

5. Paintbrush Holder

The mini Ball Jar is the perfect height to hold my paintbrushes in the office/craft room! It can also hold the water to clean and rinse brushes while you work.  These would be great filled with a few crayons or your favorite ink pens too.

I adore these versatile jars! The sky is the limit with how you can use them. Post below and let me know how  you like to use Ball Jars in your home!

18 thoughts on “Make it Yours: 5 Ways to Use Mini Ball Jars

  1. We get these in a desert froma local fest food joint. Now I know what to do with them!

  2. Thanks for the tips. My jars just sit in my cupboard I have really never thought of using them for other things.

  3. These are such great ideas. I never would have thought of these before! I especially love the candle idea!

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