Farmhouse Renovation-Part 3

Today I'm sharing an update on the farmhouse renovation! If you need to catch up, check out these posts: Farmhouse Renovation-Before, Farmhouse Renovation-Part 1, How We Created our Farmhouse Kitchen Design, Farmhouse Renovation-Part 2, 5 Ways to Add Historic Charm to a New Space, Farmhouse Design Series-Powder Room Plaster & Paint The plaster work in the house was extensive! Everything [...]

Farmhouse Design Series-Powder Room

It's time for another Farmhouse Design Series! Today I'm sharing the Powder Room! The farmhouse renovation is moving right along! So far, I've shared our exciting news, farmhouse renovation-before, the farmhouse renovation 1 and the farmhouse renovation 2, the kitchen design, and how to add historic charm to a space. In my last post I [...]

5 Ways to Add Historic Charm to a New Space

Today I'm sharing 5 ways to add historic charm to a new space! If you're new or you've missed some of the farmhouse progress, take a look here: Farmhouse Renovation-Before, Farmhouse Renovation-Part 1, and Farmhouse Renovation-Part 2. I love all of the charm and history in our farmhouse! From the hinges and knobs to the beautiful banister, [...]

Sunshine Blogger Award

I'm so excited, because I've been nominated by Nathalie at "Thanks for Helping Me Grow" for the Sunshine Blogger Award. She has great ideas and tips for parenting and working with little ones! What is the “Sunshine Blogger Award”? It’s a peer recognition award for bloggers who are positive, creative, and inspiring.  There are a couple [...]

Farmhouse Renovation-Part 2

I'm bringing the next phase of the farmhouse renovation your way today! If you need to catch up, check out these posts: Farmhouse Renovation-Before, Farmhouse Renovation-Part 1, How We Created our Farmhouse Kitchen Design. There's been a lot happening at the farmhouse and I can't wait to get you up to speed on the renovation! Walls Going Up [...]

How We Created our Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Farmhouse Design-The Kitchen I'm starting the farmhouse design series with the kitchen! The renovation piece of things can get overwhelming, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at the plans I have for the kitchen design at the farmhouse! You can check out all of the details about the renovation so [...]

Farmhouse Renovation-Part 1

After months of thinking and planning, the renovation has officially begun! To catch up on all the details of our farmhouse so far, check these out: Exciting News! and Farmhouse Renovation-Before Carpet Removal First, we had the carpet in the family room and foyer pulled up. It had been installed a few years ago and in great condition, [...]

Farmhouse Renovation-Before

It's finally time to fill you in on the farmhouse renovation and the progress so far. I've shared how the farmhouse became ours' and a few of the special original touches that I can't wait to embrace here. Russ and I spent a lot of time deciding what would be the best fit for us [...]

Bedroom & Bathroom Renovations

Here are the final rooms in our home, the bedroom and bathroom renovations! These rooms were easy compared to the rest of the house. Today I'm sharing the three bedrooms and two of our three bathrooms. If you want to see the other changes we made to our home, check them out here: entry, living [...]

Our Girls’ Trip to Charleston and Folly Beach

Mom and I snuck away for a few days to enjoy a little trip to Charleston, South Carolina! We actually stayed at Folly Beach and had the perfect mix of the beach and the beautiful, historic city!  I thought I'd share a quick recap of our trip and tell you about our favorite things around [...]